The technology level of Tempest is split up amongst the various peoples. the Dwarves are the most advanced with the orcs being the least. humans are somewhere in the middle with those in the cities being around early Renaissance and those on the plains closer to the mid-to late middle ages.

Dwarves are know for making full suits of plate armor and excellent weapons of any type. as well as the creation of magic runes. They have mastered the use of gears and pulleys but have not yet made forays into steampower.

the City Humans are known as great patrons of the arts and culture. they can make partial plate and chainmail armor. They use mainly longswords, crossbows and halberds.

the plains Humans don’t care much for the arts and prefer more practical things. they use more ringmail and hardened leather armor as well as spears, shortwords, handaxes and hunting bows.

Orcs, and the human stormwalkers who follow them are the least developed of the main races on tempest. they use mostly furs and hides although their greatest warriors have been know to sport armor made of drakox scales. they use simple melee weapons but have perfected the use of the longbow.

Gunpowder and firearms in theory could exist but no one has made them due to it not being practical. firearms and gunpowder in general is all but useless in the constant rain and wet.

in gameplay terms the play will use what ever proficiencies their class has and may acquire just about any kind of weapon or armor with the exception of firearms. this page is meant to give flavor to the world and not restrict the player.


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